My favorite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person?

I would love to say it is the time I’ve spent with me, but, that might be wrong. Firstly, because sometimes I think I like myself the most :P, and secondly, which is also the more important reason, is because I feel we spend most of our time with strangers or in some cases, with acquaintances. I realize I am talking of a collective group here and not of a single person.

You see them in the train, on the road and even at the workplace. In fact, there are a few people who I come across every day, but haven’t talked even once. We just cross our paths doing our own thing. The colleague who sits beside you, the taxi driver who comes to pick you up every now and then, the chai-wala (tea vendor) you visit almost every day, the strangers who travel the same path as yours, at the same time while commuting to workplace, the security guard of your building, the guy who cleans your classroom desk or the girl who cuts your hair every time you visit your favorite salon.

Do you know all of them, or even one of them?

Some talk too loud, some are always listening to music, some are busy wondering, and some even pass a random smile walking down the road. 🙂 I like to observe them all, and think of how their lives would be, how different or how similar to mine, without a direct comparison between the two, without a judgment. But I may never find out how accurate or baseless my observations could be, simply because we may never interact. Yet, I feel comfortable around them, like it’s a family. May be it is.


Of kept & broken Promises.

Life never promised you anything, but people did
Day after day, ever since you were a kid
Some said they will never leave you
No matter what, they will always believe you

Some said they will always be around
From ‘reaching for stars’ to ‘touching the ground’
What happened to ‘Till death do us part’
Sharing secrets, acting crazy, mending broken heart

Some said they won’t ever cheat you
Won’t lie, won’t forget, won’t ever mistreat you
Those promises of being in touch
Teary-eyed goodbyes saying “Don’t miss me too much”

Some said they will see you once in a while
That they will walk with you for thousand miles
Blame it on people, distance, destiny or time
Not every story has a happy ending, not every poem rhymes

I don’t say they were all sweet lies
Because things change and time flies
Accept that you haven’t always been on the receiving end
You’ve made your share of mistakes without having much to defend

People come and people go, leaving behind stories,
It’s important what you do with those random memories
You can either cry over it & feel bad,
Or simply say “It was nice what we once had”

Everyone is bound by their own limits
Not everything remains forever, you have to admit
Least you can do is be thankful for those beautiful rides
And value them who never left your side

Because there are people, who never judged or put a label,
When almost everything else was unstable
There are people who will always love you unconditionally
Whether you are broke, sick, unreasonable or just plain silly.