It’s okay!


  • Because someday you will make a far bigger mistake, and you will need someone to say, “It’s ok, I understand”.
  • Because some relationships are more important than a few circumstances, you have to decide which ones.
  • Because you need some people more than you think you do.
  • Because you regret ego clashes at a later point in life.
  • Because after everything, you either live with the burden all your life or move on. Forgiveness makes the latter happen. The choice is yours.

Forgive and forget, easier said than done? I think so. When was the last time you forgave someone, and you don’t remember what was it about. Hardly happens, right? That’s why most people, including me, have started following the mantra that says, forgive but don’t forget. Sounds more realistic, doesn’t it? In fact, other than being more real, it is important too, forgiving, because you need to take the baggage off, and not forgetting because you don’t want the same thing happening again.

I am someone who clings on to everything before finally letting it go, and usually learn it the hard way. I have forgiven people for not treating me right, several times. But, more than others, I have had problems forgiving myself. Each one of us knows it when they are doing something wrong. However, you just cannot live with the guilt all your life. It takes courage to accept that you made a mistake and that you are ready to make a fresh start overcoming it.

So, today, forgive yourself for the things that you regret doing in the first place, and take a pledge of being honest with yourselves. It doesn’t matter if the world knows about it or not. At the end, you should be able to live with yourself.


What have you done!

Hell found me dead,
While I was asleep in my bed,
They came to pick me up in a group of four,
Told I am not allowed to live any more…

Their faces – black, teeth- red in blood,
Dragged me through a path full of dirt and mud,
Shocked, confused, taken aback, I started to scream,
Couldn’t think if it was a reality or a dream…

I was only told that I am being taken to a place so creepy,
Skeletons would be hanging and vampires would be greedy,
“What have I done”, I dared to ask,
Pleaded to remove the death mask…

Look at me – I am just a 33 year old, begging you,
Please let me go back to my wife and a son of two,
Never have I cheated, lied or committed a sin,
What have I done to deserve this brutal thrashing..!!

Neither did I smoke or drank too much,
Nor do I remember having met with an accident as such,
Can’t even recall being diagnosed with a major medical problem,
What else could be the reason for an end so random..?

I tried convincing them, that I have to return to my world,
Need to do a lot of stuff before I am buried or burned,
There is so much pending on my bucket list,
Always postponed those tasks, thinking I am here to exist…

To all those people who I have taken for granted,
Need to tell how much they were loved & wanted,
Then there are those, who I have hurt and made them cry,
Need to say, ‘I am sorry’ and a final goodbye…

So many things to try, tons of books to read,
Hundreds of places to travel, so many hapless to feed,
Wondering what was I doing all this while,
Looks like those days and years were a sheer waste of time…

Suddenly, all four of them, together, started to speak,
Disrupting my thoughts, tears flowing down my cheeks,
They had a different style of saying things in their own way,
Only in whispers I could hear – life gave you a second chance everyday…

Other than that, they didn’t mention anything,
Left me pondering, crying and tormenting,
I was busy planning my life, as if; it was just the beginning,
Unaware of the fact that time had come for happy ending…

When death comes, it doesn’t display a statutory warning,
Neither does it give an explanation nor justified reasoning,
Dare, dance, love, forgive, fly, go out in the sun,
Before you are compelled to think, “What have I done?”.