A Liebster already? I am not even a month old!

First of all, thanks Chris Musgrave – Writer in Training for nominating me.

I just read the word ‘award’ and was elated enough to not read anything else. 😀 The ‘firsts’ are always like that. And this is my first nomination on my first blog. It has to be special. Do I sound too excited? Who cares? May be I am.

Then I read about the award from here, the rules and how to go about it. I got to know that it works like a chain mail. Not just that, I will have to nominate 5 – 10 of my favorite blogs with fewer than 200 followers and let them know of their nomination. After that, I must come up with 10 questions for my nominees to answer. Too much work.

I apologize for not doing any of the above because:

  • I think I am too new to be able to choose the best 5-10 blogs in my neighborhood. It won’t be fair.
  • I am too lazy to create a 10 question template for myself and too honest to straight away steal it from other blog(s).

I may do it later, when I think I am an experienced enough blogger/writer/reader.

But Chris, I would definitely answer your questions, and happily so. Here it goes:

1. Do you have an evil laugh and how often do you use it?
Huhahaha. I just did! 😀

2. Do you prefer Sci-fi or fantasy (sub-genres accepted)?
Fantasy + Animation, only in terms of movies.

3. Tell me something that you have done which you are particularly proud of.
Writing this post. Does it count?

4. Have you ever devised an escape plan in the event your work/school is taken over by a hostile force?
No, but I make sure I sit around people who are aware of such escape plans. 😛

5. What is your favorite book/poem and why?
I am more of a “quotations” person. 😉

6. If you could be anything, what would you be?
A better daughter may be.

7. Name one thing on your bucket list that you have yet to achieve/experience.
Looks like the world is obsessed with bucket lists these days. I don’t have one but I have written a post about it.

8. What are your thoughts on censorship? Do you think it can ever be justified?
I am totally cool with it as long as I or my work gets censored. 😛

9. Who is the one person who can always make you smile?
Anyone who is smiling. It’s that easy!

10. Are you bored of all these questions yet?
I would if there was one more. But thankfully, No. :mrgreen:


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Ex-accountant. Now traveling, reading, writing and working in Rural India. Love paper crafts. Can walk miles for great coffee!

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