Call me Ishmael

Take the first sentence from your favorite book and make it the first sentence of your post.

Since I don’t have a favorite book, I took the first sentence of the novel I am currently reading, ‘The Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne.

Remember when you were a child and looked at life in total wonder and awe?

When you didn’t have a clue of what you are doing, and you didn’t care. When running to mom was the solution of every problem. When problems ranged from tying a shoe lace to learning a new spelling.

When you cried your heart out after tearing your own doll to pieces 😛 When you could go to family get-togethers, just to eat and sleep, while others were busy chatting. When you were so lost in your own world that the other world didn’t exist.
Carefree, curious, complacent. Those were the days.

Last week, I read a tweet that goes like this:
Oh to be a kid. I miss walking into a room and announcing a problem with full confidence that someone is going to fix it.

Cheers to the innocence! Cherish it.


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Ex-accountant. Now traveling, reading, writing and working in Rural India. Love paper crafts. Can walk miles for great coffee!

4 thoughts on “Call me Ishmael”

  1. Hey, thanks a lot, that’s one of the best compliments i’ve got on writing. 🙂 I just checked out his quotes and like it. I also tried to read your posts but since, it is in German (I guess) , I used google translate. That didn’t make much sense though 😛

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