Why am I here?

“Being a writer is very peculiar. It’s always you versus a blank sheet of paper (or a blank screen) and quite often the blank piece of paper wins.”
― Neil Gaiman

This blog is a challenge, from me to me. I am not a writer, but I want to put my thoughts down. I am neither a story-teller nor a poet. I am just trying to make sense combining random ideas swirling in my head. For now I am looking for topics to ramble on. Daily prompts and other similar activities seem to be my blog-saver.

Any kind of meaningful feedback would be appreciated.

Don’t take me too seriously, I don’t. 😛


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Ex-accountant. Now traveling, reading, writing and working in Rural India. Love paper crafts. Can walk miles for great coffee!

7 thoughts on “Why am I here?”

  1. Hii Swati…

    Very crisp n precise ABOUT ME!! in few sentences you explained about yourself!! that’s gr8!! 😀

    Thanks for becoming a companion in my virtual journey!

  2. The important thing, I feel, is that you write. Your texts already have their own style and read easily, immediately challenging the readers own experiences and values. Really well written. As for your poetry, keep on playing around with different kind of expressions. The smoothness of When I Am Not Writing! is very promising; What If It Rained Glue sparkles the fun of playing with words and perceptions. Also very well done. In short, your blog makes for a worthwhile read, promising more interesting glimpses into the life of this fascinating continent of India.

    1. Hey that is so flattering. Thanks for stopping by and for all kind words. I will try to make sure you get updated about Indian subcontinent and don’t get disappointed 🙂

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