What have you done!

Hell found me dead,
While I was asleep in my bed,
They came to pick me up in a group of four,
Told I am not allowed to live any more…

Their faces – black, teeth- red in blood,
Dragged me through a path full of dirt and mud,
Shocked, confused, taken aback, I started to scream,
Couldn’t think if it was a reality or a dream…

I was only told that I am being taken to a place so creepy,
Skeletons would be hanging and vampires would be greedy,
“What have I done”, I dared to ask,
Pleaded to remove the death mask…

Look at me – I am just a 33 year old, begging you,
Please let me go back to my wife and a son of two,
Never have I cheated, lied or committed a sin,
What have I done to deserve this brutal thrashing..!!

Neither did I smoke or drank too much,
Nor do I remember having met with an accident as such,
Can’t even recall being diagnosed with a major medical problem,
What else could be the reason for an end so random..?

I tried convincing them, that I have to return to my world,
Need to do a lot of stuff before I am buried or burned,
There is so much pending on my bucket list,
Always postponed those tasks, thinking I am here to exist…

To all those people who I have taken for granted,
Need to tell how much they were loved & wanted,
Then there are those, who I have hurt and made them cry,
Need to say, ‘I am sorry’ and a final goodbye…

So many things to try, tons of books to read,
Hundreds of places to travel, so many hapless to feed,
Wondering what was I doing all this while,
Looks like those days and years were a sheer waste of time…

Suddenly, all four of them, together, started to speak,
Disrupting my thoughts, tears flowing down my cheeks,
They had a different style of saying things in their own way,
Only in whispers I could hear – life gave you a second chance everyday…

Other than that, they didn’t mention anything,
Left me pondering, crying and tormenting,
I was busy planning my life, as if; it was just the beginning,
Unaware of the fact that time had come for happy ending…

When death comes, it doesn’t display a statutory warning,
Neither does it give an explanation nor justified reasoning,
Dare, dance, love, forgive, fly, go out in the sun,
Before you are compelled to think, “What have I done?”.


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Ex-accountant. Now traveling, reading, writing and working in Rural India. Love paper crafts. Can walk miles for great coffee!

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