Contest: Win the Adventure of a Lifetime with #AirbnbBucketList

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A week ago, I marked ONE YEAR of being on the road without a home. On my adventures across the globe, I’ve stayed with some special people and unearthed experiences that few knew existed. At a vineyard in South Australia, my host turned out to be a Polish refugee who had been sheltered during World War II by an Indian Maharaja. In little-known neighborhoods in Spain, Turkey, Philippines and Romania, I’ve sampled the way the locals live. And most recently, at a sprawling estate in the dense forests of Uttarakhand, I was hosted by a descendant of Burma’s royal family!

Airbnb igloo, #AirbnbBucketList

A glimpse of where you could stay if you win #AirbnbBucketList!

How do I constantly find and afford such experiences? Airbnb, a website that connects local hosts with a home to offer and travellers looking for unique accommodations, is a big part of my answer.

So to celebrate my one year of being location independent, Airbnb has partnered with me…

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When I am not writing!

When I am not writing

I want to write

About the book I read

Or a recent fight


When I am not writing

I want to be

The blogger, author or a poet

Not just another she


When I am not writing

I want to start

A new post, a few lines

Brainless drivel or a piece of art


When I am not writing

I want to escape

In a pool of complex thoughts

Trying to give them some shape


When I am not writing

I want to look

For topics, inspiration, tips, tricks

And not just troll on Facebook


But when I finally sit down to write

Everything just goes away

All I am left with is chaos

That won’t ever let me make a way